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Electronic Data

Auto-create and auto-send EDI order acknowledgements, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes and advance shipping note (ASN); auto-receive EDI orders and load to the sales order processing SOP system.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is industry-agreed message format, complying with complying with specifications and guidelines of BIC-approved Tradacoms message.

auto-create &
auto-send EDI

auto-receive EDI &
auto-load to SOP

  • auto-create and auto-send EDI order acknowledgements, invoices, credit notes and delivery notes
  • auto-receive incoming EDI orders
  • auto-load approved EDI orders into the SOP system
  • report errors in the 'EDI Exceptions Report'
  • display imported orders in a very user-friendly manner awaiting client approval
  • hold rejected orders in a message file until re-approved or purged